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Competitions are a fabulous way to boost your results and so much fun!!!!

Get other friends, coworkers or colleagues involved in a health competition and WIN MONEY!!!

3 family competition= $100 Cash Prize

5 family competition= $150 Cash Prize

7 family competition= $100 Cash Prize

10 family competition = $300 Cash Prize

Benefits of getting others involved in a competition

  • Support Group
  • Competitions  spurn people on to farther than they will ever go alone
  • When people you associate with are working toward the same goals, it makes it easier for everyone
  • Others to exercise with
  • Share favorite recipes and exercises
  • Easier to stay focused when eating away from home.  Hey, if everyone is focusing on eating healthier, it is easier to avoid that dessert!

Ideas and Suggestions

  • Invite friends, relatives, coworkers & colleagues
  • More people, more fun, more success( research shows that getting friends involved increases success by over 20%)
  • More PRIZE $$

It becomes contagious!!!



How competitions Work


  1. Pick a name for your team
  2. Email your team name and the names of your family members to competition@onthewayhealth.com
  3. After your friends have registered for the program, just have them email the name of your team and their family members to joincompetition@onthewayhealth.com

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