Competitions are a fabulous way to boost your results and so much fun!!!!

Get other friends, coworkers or colleagues involved in a health competition and WIN MONEY!!!

3 family competition= $100 Cash Prize

5 family competition= $150 Cash Prize

7 family competition= $100 Cash Prize

10 family competition = $300 Cash Prize

Benefits of getting others involved in a competition

  • Support Group
  • Competitions  spurn people on to farther than they will ever go alone
  • When people you associate with are working toward the same goals, it makes it easier for everyone
  • Others to exercise with
  • Share favorite recipes and exercises
  • Easier to stay focused when eating away from home.  Hey, if everyone is focusing on eating healthier, it is easier to avoid that dessert!

Ideas and Suggestions

  • Invite friends, relatives, coworkers & colleagues
  • More people, more fun, more success( research shows that getting friends involved increases success by over 20%)
  • More PRIZE $$

It becomes contagious!!!



How competitions Work


  1. Pick a name for your team
  2. Email your team name and the names of your family members to
  3. After your friends have registered for the program, just have them email the name of your team and their family members to

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