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family fitness and nutrition

FItness & Nutrition for the WHOLE Family!

What you Get

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Program Includes:

Personalized Health Screening

  • Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Medical  Screening, along with other specified questionnaires to assist your  Personal Trainer in making sure your fitness & nutrition program are  designed specifically to you, your lifestyle and your current health and  your family  so you can receive the best results and to assure safety.

Personalized Fitness Assessment (for each family member)

  • Body  Composition Analysis
  • Medical  Analysis
  • Before  & After photos

Goals & Preferences for each family member

  • Exercise experience and goals
  • Weight  Loss goals
  • Training  & exercise preferences
  • Nutritional  preferences  (for individual family members AND as a family)
  • Schedule  preferences

Personalized Resistance & Cardio Training

Exercise videos, demos & training

Nutritional Systems

  • Nutritional Program
  • Meal pictures
  • Nutritional  Information
  • Recipes
  • Favorites
  • Cookbook
  • Grocery  List
  • Micro  Nutrient analysis

Progress Tracking & Reports



Access to Support Group and much, much more!!!

30 minutes Wellness Coaching monthly *(see below for more information about wellness coaching)

If you don’t absolutely love this program, we’ll give you back your money!  Just let us know in your first 30 days for 100% refund!

  • Pricing

    NOTE: Family plans are up to 4 family members. 

    Additional members $4.95 per month

    3 Month Plan$67.95 USD   

    6 Month Plan$127.95 USD  

    Monthly$34.95 USD            

    Additional family member $4.95 per month


  • family fitness and nutrition

FItness & Nutrition for the WHOLE Family!


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